Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

What is it?

The Trudeau Foundation Scholarship Program will help shape researchers into engaged leaders who are conscious of the impact of their research, connected to the realities of the communities in which they work, and open to non-conventional forms of knowledge. The foundation is seeking candidates who are audacious, original, and forward-thinking.

The program will last for three years and will also provide generous support for scholars’ doctoral work in the form of a stipend and travel allowance.

For the first year of their term, the scholars will receive mandatory leadership training from the Foundation’s mentors. The mentors are leaders from across the public, private, and non-profit sections, and fellows. The fellows are leaders in research and teaching, during institutes of Engaged leadership. The institutes will take place in different provinces, territories, and foreign countries.

In the second year of their term, the scholars will work with mentors and fellows to collaboratively plan and participate in a public conference with a flexible format, to be created and led by the scholars themselves.

The third and final year of the program will be devoted to knowledge dissemination. It will be a chance to innovate and experiment in order to share knowledge and skills gained through the Trudeau Foundation experience with a public audience.

Who is eligible?

● Applicants must be Canadian citizens, whether at a Canadian or an international institution

● Applicants must be Doctoral students already accepted into or in year one, two, or three of a full-time program in the humanities or social sciences

● Applicant’s work must relate to one of the Foundations’ four themes:
○ Human Rights and Dignity;
○ Responsible Citizenship;
○ Canada and the World; and
○ People and their Natural Environment

What does the scholarship program look for?
● Academic excellence;
● Leadership experience and abilities;
● Thematic relevance of research to the Foundation’s themes;
● Public engagement;
● Desire to contribute to public dialogue and share knowledge;
● Communication skills;
● Desire to belong to a vibrant community made up of leaders from across sectors; and
● All forms of diversity, including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, language, region, and discipline. We welcome First Nations, Métis, and Inuit candidates.

What is the nomination process?
The requirement is that you must be nominated by the Canadian or foreign institution where you are currently accepted or enrolled in a doctoral program.
Selection process
Scholars are selected through a rigorous selection process that includes evaluation of applications by a selection committee and interviews with finalists. Up to twenty candidates will be chosen as Scholars each year.

What are the required documents?
1. Application form
2. Original transcripts from all post-secondary studies, including your CEGEP transcripts when applicable.
3. Three (3) letters of reference. The letters will be attached to your file.
● At least one (1) letter mush be from an academic referee concerning academic achievements.
● At least one (1) letter must be from a non-academic, referee concerning your leadership abilities.
● The third reference letter may come from an academic or non-academic referee.
For more information, please contact your academic unit or consult the Trudeau Foundation website.

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