Canadian Professors is one of the most reliable platforms to apply for your student visa renewal in Canada. We not only help a student get a study permit in Canada but also provide our professional services to extend their stay for more study programs in the country. International students have to apply to extend their study permit at least 30 days before their current visa expires.

Whether you need extra time to get your degree or you are looking forward to starting a new course, you are supposed to renew your visa before the additional 90 days end. No matter you are in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, or any other city in Canada, we can get your visa renewed in the shortest time.

Canadian Professors process your study permit extension application with complete documents and information demanded by the Canadian Consulate. Generally, it takes less than 30 days to get an answer from the consulate. In any case, if your study permit expires before you get an approval of the extension, you’ll be allowed to stay in Canada under the implied status.



Extend Your Study Permit within Canada

A study permit happens to be one of the most important documents an international student has to keep here in Canada. Similarly, it is also important to ensure that your study permit doesn’t expire before you get the extension.

Through our site, you can apply for extension in your study permit within Canada. You don’t need to leave Canada or go anywhere else as we offer you the complete renewal process online.

You should also get your student visa renewed if you are traveling somewhere and your study permit may expire while you are traveling. Otherwise, you may face difficulties while coming back to Canada with an expired study permit.

Remember, if your status expires, your family’s status (if any) also expires and they will be leaving Canada with you. If you have a family with you while you are living in Canada on a study permit, you should apply the extension of both your study permit and the temporary residence permit of your family.


Renew Your Canadian Student Visa Online

You must renew your student visa in Canada online as it saves you both time and money. You get your extension application processed instantly rather relying on mail or courier.

By filling the renewal form through our site, you get the services of a professional firm that can quickly process your application with no errors. You also get updates on the status of your international student visa extension application through our account on your site.

Don’t you worry if you are completely unaware of the foreign student visa renewal process as our team will do the job for you. All you need to do is to submit the renewal form, provide the required documents, pay the fee, and have your application processed on immediate basis.


Ready to Renew Your Student Visa Online?