If you are also a foreign student in Canada, the good news for you is that Canadian Professors offers high-quality student housing services to help prospective students with finding the best-shared accommodations. Canadian Professors is the right choice for all those international students who look for reliable resources to find affordable non-shared rooms both on-campus and off-campus.

Depending on your circumstances, we can provide you furnished and non-furnished non-shared rooms for both temporary and permanent stays. Whether you are willing to stay in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, or Victoria, we have multiple non-shared rooms, especially for foreign students in all the cities of Canada.


Enjoy Your Special Roomie Moments

A non-shared room allows you to enjoy your special roomie moments and gather some sweet memories of your own. There will be no interference in your personal life and you won’t be worried about your personal things.

The biggest drawback of a shared room is that it becomes next to impossible to live with someone you don’t understand, or if you both have no similarities. What if you wake up early and the other person stays awake? Can you adjust in a single room? You can’t!

Living in a non-shared room is like to be the king of a small world. You can keep your room exactly according to your wish and enjoy full privacy. Most importantly, there won’t be anyone to blame you on any mischief with their stuff.


Enjoy the Ultimate Sense of Independence

Canadian Professors provides you a great opportunity to enjoy the ultimate sense of independence by getting a non-shared room on rent in Canada through us. A non-shared housing option is the best for you if you are one of them who feel protected alone and don’t want to share their privacy with others.

Another good thing about living alone is that you’ll live with your own standards. We have multiple non-shared rooms for both on-campus and off-campus accommodation.

Solidifying accommodation in an unknown country happens to be one of the crucial initial challenges for every international student. However, when you have professional services like Canadian Professors around you, you can easily find a perfect non-shared house, apartment, or room where you can live and learn with great peace.

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