Canadian Professors provides you both on-campus and off-campus non-shared houses on rent at affordable rates in Canada. We do understand that how important it happens to be for foreign students in Canada to find a perfect accommodation at affordable rates, so we offer multiple non-shared housing options at varied rates for all kinds of international students.

We offer our professional services in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, and all other cities in the country. You may have a number of non-shared accommodation options here in Canada, but they’ll be much expensive for you. Here at Canadian Professors, we bridge the gap between you and a special landlord who offers special discounts for international students.

We can provide you non-shared houses near to your school, college, university, or any other educational institution for foreign students in Canada. We have hundreds of trusted landlords who are our satisfied and happy clients because we provide them quality tenants like you.


Enjoy the Perks of Living Alone

There can be endless benefits of having a non-shared house for international students where they can live with complete peace. There happens to be no one to disturb your privacy and make a mess around in the house.

Though the rent becomes half for you in a shared-house, the space in the house will also become half for you and there’ll be many parts of the house where you’ll not dare to go. You may also end up with no space for your crafts.

The best thing about a non-shared house is that you won’t have to work on your patience and nothing will be displaced without your concern. There will be hot water when you turn on the shower, bills will remain there in the bill jar, and no snoring will disturb you in the night.


Enjoy the Beauty of Silence in a Non-Shared House

Silence provides calmness and composed energy that are good for an international student. It is also important to pay attention to your studies and attain the desired results. Otherwise, some international students in Canada end up with bad grades just because of their excessive outing with friends and a large social circle.

In a non-shared house, you can sleep, eat, play, and study wherever you want and there will be no one around to disturb you when you are studying or to impose different living rules on you. Though a non-shared house costs high, it gives you complete freedom and full control over your life.

Whether you have got admission in the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta, McGill, McMaster, or any other university in Canada, we can provide you both on-campus and off-campus non-shared houses at affordable rates.

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