Canadian Professors is a full-scale solution for all your international student accommodation needs in Canada. With a professional and dedicated team, we come up with multiple non-shared housing solutions for foreign students learning in Canada. We serve international students from all over the world including the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Hong Kong, Russia, Middle East, Taiwan, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and others.

Through Canadian Professors, you can have both on-campus and off-campus non-shared apartments at an affordable rent. Once it’s decided where to stay in Canada, you can come to us to find a perfect non-shared apartment near to your educational institute. We serve foreign students in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City, Victoria, Winnipeg, and all other cities.

We have a variety of furnished and non-furnished non-shared apartments/suits, especially for foreign students who look for affordable and safe accommodation in a country that is unknown to them. You can have your own bedroom or can have a full apartment – it all depends on how much rent you can afford.


Enjoy Your Privacy and Solitude

A non-shared apartment is a perfect option if you want to enjoy your privacy and solitude in your own style. You’ll simply live on your own and there won’t be anyone to go through your personal possessions.

In a non-shared apartment, you won’t need to adapt to others’ needs in the living room, kitchen, laundry, or bathroom. Rather, you can use these places whenever you want you won’t find any place in the apartment booked by someone else.

A non-shared apartment also allows you to arrange a gathering or party whenever you want, and there will be no one to stop you from doing what you want.

Let’s suppose you live in a shared apartment and want to hold a party. Wait! The other person living with you has an exam tomorrow. Well, this certainly doesn’t happen in a non-shared apartment.


Find Your Desired Non-Shared Apartment Now

There can be endless benefits of having a non-shared apartment for international students where they can live with complete peace. There happens to be no one to disturb your privacy and make a mess around in the house.

Though the rent becomes half for you in a shared-apartment, the space in the apartment also becomes half and there can be many parts of the apartment where you’ll not dare to go. You may also end up with no space for your crafts.

The best thing about a non-shared apartment is that you won’t have to work on your patience and nothing will be displaced without your concern. There will be hot water when you turn on the shower, bills will remain there in the bill jar, and no snoring will disturb you in the night.

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