Canadian Professors is one of the leading platforms to find the best housing solutions for international students in Canada. Based in Vancouver, we provide affordable homestay options in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Quebec City, Edmonton, Victoria, and all other cities. Our excellence and expertise are matchless in the international student housing industry in Canada.

Generally, accommodation for international students is expensive not only in Canada, so in the US, UK, and Australia. However, through our resources, we can help you find affordable student accommodation in Canada, providing you a great opportunity to complete your studies with lesser expenses.

Canadian Professors provides both on-campus and off-campus foreign student accommodation with diverse options. We can help you find all kinds of rental properties including a single cheap room to a luxury 3 bedroom apartment. Don’t you worry if you can’t afford a single house all alone as we offer you both shared and non-shared options.

We provide houses and apartments near all the top-class universities in Canada. Whether you have got admission in the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, University of Alberta, or the University of Calgary, we have numerous on-campus and off-campus affordable shared/non-shared rental properties for international students.


On-Campus Student Accommodation in Canada

Canadian Professors can help you get the best on-campus accommodation at affordable rates. The majority of school, colleges, and universities in Canada offer on-campus international student housing. We can help you follow the right process to get the right on-campus property.

Rent is usually cheaper than off-campus (not in all the cases), and houses are offered mostly in furnished condition. You can save more money by choosing a shared property as you’ll have to contribute a shared amount with others living in the house.

Don’t you worry if you are introvert and don’t like to share a room as we have numerous non-shared houses, apartments, and single rooms for you. No matter you are in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, or any other Canadian province, we have direct links with international student housing hosts throughout the country.

There can be a number of good reasons to choose on-campus accommodation for your studies here in Canada. You can complete more credit hours as you won’t get late for classes, can become a part of the campus community, and can also enjoy easy access to different campus resources such as the library, athletic facilities, labs, etc.



Off-Campus Student Accommodation in Canada

Canadian Professors can also help you find cheap off-campus accommodation for international students in Canada. We offer you houses, apartments, and single rooms with both sharing and non-sharing options.

It’s important for you to contact a professional agency like us to find reliable off-campus accommodation as educational institutions may not help you in this regard. The living costs in Canada for international students vary dramatically in big cities like Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto.

The best advantage you can avail through us is that we’ll provide you accommodation quite near to your school, college, university, or any other educational institution in Canada. The supply and demand of foreign student residences fluctuate seasonally, particularly in summers. However, we can help you get properties with all kinds of modern facilities at affordable rates throughout the year.

For one student, a house happens to be expensive and we recommend single students to share rooms or houses with other foreign students. We can also help you share a room with someone who is learning in the same college or university so that you can have good chemistry with each other.

Most importantly, we’ll help you sign a lease and meet other requirements that are essential for a tenant. Being a tenant, your responsibility will be to pay the rent on time, keep the premises clean, and repair any damages if done by you.



You can enjoy many benefits of off-campus international student accommodation in Canada. You can save more money, get more freedom, enjoy more space, and become a responsible person.

Homestays for International Students in Canada

If you aren’t comfortable with on-campus and off-campus accommodation, homestays are the right option for you. Canadian Professors is a reliable platform to find reliable and friendly families offering homestays for foreign students.

Homestays are generally for school and college students however there are families that also offer homestays for university students. We have links with several families who host and welcome foreign students.

It becomes easier to get by with a friendly Canadian family, particularly when you have recently arrived in Canada. You also enjoy a furnished room with delicious family meals. Many international students choose homestays to adjust easily with a new city and a new culture.

You enjoy many facilities in a homestay program. However, the most common ones are:

  • A furnished private/shared room with a washroom.

  • An area to study with an internet connection.

  • Home-cooked meal at least one time in a day.

The social and cultural part of homstays also helps students adjust to a new country. The family also plays a role in helping international students know the city and its people.


Let Canadian Professors Arrange A Perfect Student Accommodation For You

Contact us now and let us arrange a perfect student accommodation for you. Our professional team will help you throughout the documentation and process of on-campus and off-campus international student housing. Over the years, our highest professional standards have earned us a great reputation in the industry!

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