Looking forward to applying for a student visa in Canada? Here at Canadian Professors, we provide one-stop solutions for all your visa concerns and help you make your way to Canada, one of the most peaceful and ideal countries for international students. Canada is one of the top countries that people choose to find a good scope in terms of both study and work. However, there are rules for foreign students that they need to follow to get a study permit in Canada.

Canadian Professors can help you fulfill all the requirements and succeed with your Canada visa application. We can help you get admissions in schools, colleges, and universities in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, and all other cities. With our guidance, you can properly apply to study in Canada as an international student with a legal study permit.

Canada has always been one of the top choices of foreign students from Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, India, and many other countries. Most people choose this particular country for study because of the initiatives the Canadian government takes to attract foreign students and of course, a friendly visa policy.



Key Features of Foreign Student Visa Policy in Canada

  • You can submit the Canada student visa application form once you have got admission in a professional educational institution in Canada for more than 6 months.

  • The student visa policy allows you to work on the campus for part-time.

  • Once you have completed your course, you can also apply for visa renewal if you wish to continue your studies.

  • You should have the proof of admission/enrolment from an accredited Canadian institution to process your visa application.

  • You should have a valid passport and complete travel documents to enroll you in a Canadian immigration program.

  • You must provide proof of adequate financial support.

  • In some cases, you can also apply for a Post-Graduation Work visa and can stay in Canada for up to three years.


Valued Degrees

The certificates or degrees of Canadian educational institutions are widely valued around the world. The high academic standards and meticulous quality controls have precisely provided quality education to both local and foreign students learning in Canada.

Diverse Cultures

The best thing about learning as an international student in Canada is that you experience multiple cultures together. Canada is one of the countries that are represented by almost all ethnic groups. You’ll surely find foods and recreational activities of your specific culture.


Campus Lifestyle

Whether school, colleges, or universities, you’ll love to be a part of the exciting campus lifestyle here in Canada. The campuses are equipped with the latest technologies that can help you learn better and faster. The modern amenities are also pleasing for international students.

A Bilingual Country

Canada is a bilingual country and its educational institutions are considered perfect for language training. In the education system of the country, French and English are taught as the first and second language. You’ll learn the two languages in a real-time environment.

Research Opportunities

Many students apply for a study visa in Canada to avail abundant and innovative research opportunities.  Research is an integral part of all courses in Canada and the government also supports researches by students to ensure a vibrant aspect of education.

Outclass Universities

There happen to be thousands of Canada study permit application forms every year that come from all parts of the world. Canada stands out as one of the most ideal countries for international students because it has got some of the most famous universities in the world.

How We Can Help You

Canadian Professors is one of the most professional student visa help platforms in Canada. Having helped hundreds of foreign students take admission in reputed educational institutions in Canada, we stand out as a perfect resource to apply for a student visa, renew your existing Canadian student visa, sponsor your family, and to get a student work permit.

We can help you select an affiliated program in any city of the country. Our professional consultants have experience in preparing and completing application forms of all the top universities in Canada. For your behalf, we’ll prepare, fill, and submit your visa application before the Canadian immigration officials.

Don’t you worry if you don’t know how to apply for study visa in Canada, we’ll help you throughout the process; from the course selection to form submissions.

Canada is an ideal country in terms of a hands-on and highly dynamic academic environment. You will not only learn education here, but will also acquire real-time knowledge, skills, and experience which will help you throughout your life. Teachers and professors here in every Canadian educational institution are always eager to develop self-confidence in their students with unique quality to demonstrate their creativity.


Study Permit or Visitor Visa?

For many instances, international students don’t need to get the study permit and they can come to Canada with only a visitor visa. For instance, if you are coming here to learn a course that is shorter than 6 months, you should apply only for a visitor visa.

However, to make yourself eligible for a full-scale student visa, you need to take admission in a professional educational institution in Canada for more than 6 months. We’ll help you meet all the immigration requirements and make your way to Canada, a country with infinite learning opportunities.

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