Canadian Professors is the right place to apply for a student visa in Canada. We have professional consultants who will process your study permit application with perfection. It’s important to apply for a study permit in order to study in Canada as an international student for a limited time. Every year, we help hundreds of foreign students get study permit and avail the opportunity to make a bright career.

There is no doubt that schools, colleges, and universities in Canada follow a high-quality education system that helps both Canadians and foreign students shape their successful life. The benefit of applying for a student visa in Canada is that the country is rich in possibilities for all.

Even though you are coming to Canada to study for less than 6 months, you should apply for a study permit because it may help you continue your studies in another program without leaving the country. The renewal process of a student visa in Canada also requires some steps to follow, and the team at Canadian Professors can help you at every step.


How to Obtain a Canadian Student Visa?

This shouldn’t bother you when you have got the services of a professional consultancy firm like Canadian Professors. Otherwise, thousands of international students from different countries face difficulties and delays in their application process.

Whether you are from Mexico, Brazil, Middle East, Italy, Hong Kong, China, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, or any other country, we’ll help you with all the essential and additional requirements for study permit in Canada.

You can obtain a Canadian Student Visa by applying online or through a paper application. The processing time in online applications is comparatively higher than the paper process. You can apply online through our site and we’ll guide you throughout the process until we see you live in Canada.


How Canadian Professors Will Help You?

Here at Canadian Professors, we’ll help you throughout the process of your Canadian student visa. We’ll guide you choose the best college or university in Canada and get your acceptance letter with no hassles.

We’ll also process your visa application with required documents to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). We’ll train you for (if any) the interview and biometrics appointment. The processing time for the student visa in Canada takes up to 90 days, however, our professionalism and experience get your application approved in lesser time.

After the letter of approval, a letter of introduction is presented to the immigration officials who issue study permits to international students. Being your study visa consultant in Canada, we’ll also take care of the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) and Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

Whether Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, or any other city in Canada, we have happy students making their future in colleges and universities of all these cities.

Ready to Get Your Student Visa in Canada?